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Dropshipping Nepal is a platform that helps you to build your own ecommerce business without having to worry about product investments, inventory management, and delivery hassles.

And yes, you don’t need to actually buy our products, nor deliver them yourselves!
We know it’s unbelievable but IT’S TRUE! Let us show you how it works:

Can’t wait to start your own store and start earning?

Step 1

Register in DSN website.

Step 2

Fill up the KYC form.

Step 3

Market your desired products through your own online store.

Step 4

Place the confirmed order on our website.

Step 5

We pack and deliver your order to end customers.

( The profit will be deposited to your wallet. )

Step 6

Finally, get your profit transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Done, Happy Selling!!

Dropshipping Nepal provides one stop solution for all your Ecommerce problems.

With Dropshipping Nepal you don’t need to worry about:

Product investment

No specific requirement in pre-purchase of product unlike traditional retail business with bulk purchase of product.

Product Procurement

You are not required to spend the majority time finding the right quality product at the best price.

Inventory Management

No extra space required for product management and warehousing.

Delivery Services

We deliver products to your customer all over Nepal.

DSN is already helping more than 200 sellers to start their Store and EARN!

Don’t trust us?
Trust them!

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Visit our DSN website and register yourself as a seller. Follow the simple steps given below to get your KYC verified .


Here are other FAQs we get a lot:

Can I visit your office and see if you are real?

Shall I register myself as a seller or a vendor?

How much time do I need to dedicate in a day?

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